Model: ZL350
Bag size Laminated film
Average speed 15-70bags/min
Packing film width 200-730 mm
Bag size L 80-430 mm W 90-350 mm
Machine noise ≤75db
Air consumption 6kg/m²
General power 5.8kw
Main motor power 1.81kw
Machine weight 1050kg
Power supply 220V 50Hz.1Ph
Outside dimensions 2150mm*1500mm*2090mm

Product Detail

Video Information


It is suitable for automatic packaging of granular strip, sheet, block, ball shape, powder and other products. Such as snack, chips, popcorn, puffed food,dried fruits, cookies, biscuits, candies, nuts, rice,beans, grains, sugar, salt, pet food, pasta, sunflower seeds, gummy candies, lollipop, Sesame.


Main characteristics & Structure features

1. The whole machine adopts double servo control system, can based on different product and film material to choose different servo film pulling structure. Can equip with vacuum absorb film system;

2. Horizontal sealing servo control system can realize automatic setting and adjustment of horizontal sealing pressure;

3. Various packing format; pillow bag, ironing bag, gusset bag, triangle bag, punching bag, continuous bag;

4. It can be combined with multi-head scale , screw scale, electronic scale, volume cup system and other measuring  equipment, to achieve accurate measuring;

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