ZL-180 Three side seal packing machine

 three side sealing Scope:Suitable for fully automatic packing of granules,strips, slices, lumps, powders, and sphericals, etc.


      Model:     ZL180 Three side Sealing
      Bag size:     L: 40mm-170mm
      W: 30mm-135mm
      Packing speed:     20~80bags/min
      Power supply:   1PH 220V 50Hz
      Compress air consuming:     0.6Mpa
      Machine noise:     ≤75db
      General power:     7.0KW
      Weight:     650kg
      Outer dimension:     1350mmx1100mmx2350mm

Product Detail

Video Information


Main characteristics & Structure features:

1. The whole machine adopts single shaft or double shaft servo control system.

2. The transverse sealing system is specially designed for fast packing

3. Packing Format: Three side sealing

4.It is integrated with the host frame, with the overall height of 2.35m,simple cleaning and quick disassembly

5 The design of the whole machine conforms to GMP standard and has passed CE certification


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