Doy packing with Multi-head weigher

stand pouch  Scope:           

Suitable  for weighing all kinds of solid, light particle, block product. Such as puffed food, snack food, nuts, seeds, almonds,          pistachios, pine nuts, seeds, fruit, jelly, soy food, frozen food, pet food etc. automatically feeding, can automatically take bag,        code printing, open bags, quantitative filling, filling nitrogen and heat sealing etc.


      Model:    GDR100E 
      Bag size:    L: 120mm-300mm
     W: 90mm-210mm
      Packing speed:    10~65bags/min
      Packing type:    Stand pouch, zipper bag, M bag etc irregular bags
      Power supply:    380V
      Compress air consuming:    5-7kg/ c㎡, 500L/min
      Packing material:    Single layer PE,PE complex film etc
      General power:    3.5kw
      Weight:    1000kg
      Outer dimension:    2100mmx1280mmx1580mm




Product Detail

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Main characteristics & Structure features:

1. The running of machine is controlled by PLC with big LCD screen.
2. Equipped with automatic trouble tracking, feedback and alarming system, it performs real-time display of the running condition.
3. Unique mechanical detecting device for empty bag tracking is  available to improve the sealing dependability.
4.Main driving system is applied with advanced frequency conversionwith stepless speed regulation. Each cycle orientation is controlledby precise cam dividing mechanism to finish the running of complete machine.
5. Unique 10-station working way ensures an ideal packing effect.
6. Combined with multi-head weigher, auger and volumetric cup fillingdevices for accurate measurement.
7.The machine design conforms to National GMP standard, and theelectric safety protection system has passed CE norm.

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