YL400 vertical packing machine

liquid Scope:

1.   Food: seasoning soy, egg white, vegetable juice, jam, salad sauce, hick chill sauce(homogeneous), fish and meat stuffing, lotus nut paste, sweetened bean paste and other stuffing as well as drinks of large bulk.

2.   Non-food: oil, detergent, grease, industrial paste etc.


      Model:    YL400
      Bag size:    L: 120mm-500mm
     W: 100mm-250mm
      Packing speed:    4~20bags/min
      Filling capacity:    500-7500g
      Packing film material:    NY/PE,Etc
      Power supply:    380V 50Hz 1Ph
      Compress air consuming:    6kg/ c㎡ 300L/min
      Machine noise:    ≤75db
      General power:    3kw (not include filling system)
      Weight:    620kg
      Outer dimension:    1300mmx900mmx2000mm

Product Detail

Video Information


Main characteristics & Structure features:

1. High-precision automatic bagging, filling and packing for high-viscosity and high-temperature materials;

2. Extruding and decompressing packaging.

3. Corrosion-resistant material for high-standard sanitation;

4. Nearly all stainless steel, ensuring high food sanitation and good corrosion resistance solid main structure, with multi-language MMI, easy for operation;

5. Allow optimal combination with a variety of filling systems for the best packaging result.


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