Bakery China 2021


The 23rd China International Baking Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 27, 2021. China International Baking Exhibition is the world's leading exhibition of baking products and services.

This exhibition Soontrue will bring high-quality and efficient baking industry packaging equipment, can provide a full range of packaging solutions for all kinds of baking products, help baking enterprises to improve market competitiveness.

Soontrue booth number :W2A61

Exhibition time:April 27-30, 2021

Exhibition location:Shanghai New International Exhibition Center

 Intelligent pillow packing box stacking solution


Automatic loading and handling material packaging system

Packing speed 15-120 bags/min


SL150 packing machine without tray

Packing speed: 30-110 bags/min


High speed toast premade bag packaging system

Packing speed: 10-50 bags/min


Double channel biscuit packing system

Packing speed: 35-400 bags/min


ZL180PX Vertical Packing Machine

Packing speed:20-100 bags/min


GDS100A Premade bag packing machine

Packing speed: 82 bags/min


Post time: Apr-23-2021

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