How to pack cake? Are you really know it?

Do you really know anything about the packaging of mooncakes?

What are the materials of the packaging of the moon cake?

How are the mooncakes packed in the market?

packaging of the moon cake-1

For the direct contact of the moon cake on the choice of packaging 

What materials are available?


The material of the mooncake tray is widely used

PE, BOPS, PP and other materials,Used for fixing moon cakes, shock absorption,Reduce the loss of moon cakes in the process of storage and transportation.

How are moon cakes packaged in the market?

Adopt soontrue automatic material packing system,High efficiency of high speed operation packaging.


The mooncake is controlled by servo and PLC

For automatic sequencing delivery,Arrange the trays of the moon cakes individually,Use the material sorting unit to put the moon cake into the tray in order.


With the baler and deoxidizer,

Enter the packaging machine to realize automatic packaging of moon cakes,

Can meet the requirements of mass production packaging.

packaging of the moon cake-2

How to package mooncakes more efficiently?


Intelligent manipulator material packing system

High precision servo motor drive,Manipulator precision sorting, fast!Must have!Steady!

Multiple equipment quickly cooperate packaging,Improved the moon cake packaging material intelligent degree.

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