Soontrue appeared in the 104th National Sugar and Wine Fair, generous and brilliant.


On April 7, 2021, the 104th National Sugar and Wine Fair was officially opened in West China International Expo City.With the theme of “promoting circulation and opening up new bureau”, the exhibition has attracted a large number of people in the industry to visit and exchange。

 Soonture this exhibition brought advanced packaging production equipment, a comprehensive display of packaging technology and application solutions, optimize and improve the stability of the equipment, make the operation of the equipment more humane, intelligent, for your production and packaging to bring effective one-stop solution, for the leap of packaging industry technology into a strong driving force.

 The booth number:1-2 C011T, 2C012T            The exhibition time:April 7th-9th           Western China International Expo City

 The exhibition continues

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Please pay attention to the booth of Soontrue

Welcome to visit and exchange

Post time: Apr-08-2021

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