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Automatic packaging enterprises belong to the traditional B2B industry, giving people the impression of workshop, machine, metal, motor, few people will connect the culture with this type of enterprise, and even think that the corporate culture is just a vase.

Soontrue Machinery is China’s first generation of independent research and development and production of packaging machinery enterprises, in the process of learning from the world’s outstanding enterprises, attaches great importance to study the corporate culture of benchmark brands, is the first company in the local industry to build their own cultural concept system.In 2010, Matsukawa completed the first upgrade of the cultural concept MIS system, focusing on the business belief of “being dedicated and progressive, inclusive and far-reaching”, upgrading the “strive to be a trustworthy packaging machinery manufacturer” to “supplier”, and making clear the development direction of “scheme marketing” for the first time. In 2017, the company upgraded the positioning of “supplier” to “service provider” again, and introduced the diversified, all-around and more comfortable service concept into the details of business activities. Soontrue entrepreneurs’ experience is: the more the development of the enterprise, the more important the construction of its own brand culture, a leading brand in the industry must first have a sense of mission and when the bear, no feelings and development concept is not far away. At the beginning of 2018, the brand culture of Soontrue has been introduced with the motto “Enlighten Your Easy Life”. Here, we share with our peers the brand culture enlightened by “Enlighten Your Easy Life”.

First of all, in the highly developed Internet, consumer life is becoming faster, more diversified, personalized, Soontrue food packaging machinery industry is defined as the “wisdom to create free life” era! There are no new things you can’t see, only the creation and service you can’t think of! The simplest description of people’s living conditions is “more comfortable”. It depends on whether enterprises can use scientific methodology to explore and discover needs and use intelligence to improve products and services. Soontrue firmly believes that the future characteristics and mission of packaging machinery industry is “wisdom to create a free life”!

For the enterprise itself, this sentence has a distinct strategic significance. Packaging automation machinery is embodied by creative thinking in scheme design, intelligent automatic in product function, and beyond imagination in user experience. It is a typical intelligent industry. Matsukawa is engaged in “intelligent creation”. ”Freedom” is the physical characteristic of automation, but also a relaxed and leisurely life state.”Wisdom creates comfortable life” can be directly understood as “Soontrue Intelligent Industry brings more comfortable operation, more comfortable management, more comfortable products, more comfortable life”.

“Wisdom to create” and “comfortable life” is a very simple, direct cause and effect, “comfortable life” is the result of loose soontrue pursuit, through result oriented to explore new demand, formed “wisdom to create” work target and “loose” wisdom, and decompose to “intelligent design”, “wisdom” and “wisdom management”, “intelligence services” and so on all levels.

Make culture is the way, soontrue come loose also has a one hundred – year – old dreams, and firmly believe that this dream can be in “Benedict designed diligence with” business belief next step by step implementation, “wisdom to create comfortable life” is a great age to live up to and responsibility, soontrue and is willing to work with counterparts, hand in hand with industry brilliant!

Post time: May-28-2021

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