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A Team That Helps You Succeed

ShangHai Soontrue is mainly manufacturing the household tissue packing machine, vertical packing machine, rotary pre-made bag packing machine, multi-lane packing machine, products managing line, case packer robot and so on.

A Team That Helps You Succeed

Chengdu Soontrue manufacturing for bakery and quick frozen industry. We provide bakery industry with excellent Moon cakes shaping line, Cake roasting machine, High speed Tidy-up machine, Dorayaki machine, etc

A Team That Helps You Succeed

Foshan Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd was built in 1993, and is located in Foshan, Guangdong, China with factory at 40,000 square meters and staff number of more than 500.



Founded in 1993, Soontrue is an internationally professional packing machine manufacturer, which involved in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and some other services.

Nowadays, the automatic packing system of Soontrue mainly have six series, and around sixty models. They are widely used in the food, drink, medicine, salts, hardware and electrics, daily chemical products, sanitary accessories and paper for daily life. The Brand of Soontrue is ratified by the society now.

The headquarter of Soontrue is located in Shanghai, which called Shanghai Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd, with an inclusion of other manufacturing bases, namely, FoShan Soontrue Enterprise, ChengDu Soontrue industrial Co., Ltd.

Including the grand R&D capability, perfect manufacture system and wide sales & service web.



Manufacture:Most of the manufacturers buy all the parts from outside and just do assemble in the factory, Soontrue insists CNC by ourselves to assure the quality!

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История на компанията
Soontrue mainly specialize in packaging machine manufacturing. Which established in 1993, with three major bases in ShangHai, Foshan and Chengdu. The headquarter is located in ShangHai. Plant area is about 133,333 square meters. More than 1700 staff. Annual output is more than USD 150 million. We are a leading manufacture which created first generation of plastic packing machine in China. Regional marketing service office in China (33 office). which occupied 70~80% market.

Опаковъчна промишленост
Опаковъчната машина Soontrue се използва широко в хартиена хартия, закуски, солна промишленост, хлебопекарна промишленост, промишленост за замразени храни, опаковки на фармацевтична промишленост и течни опаковки и др.

Защо да изберете Soontrue
Историята и мащабите на компанията отразяват до известна степен стабилността на оборудването; Също така е полезно да се осигури следпродажбено обслужване на оборудването в бъдеще.

Their are a lot of successful case about automatic packaging line have been made by soontrue to both of our domestic and overseas customer. We have more than 27 years experience on packaging machine field to give you best service.

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