Smart Packaging Gathering | 2nd Soonture Enterprise Intelligent Technology Packaging Equipment Exhibition

The second soonture Enterprise Intelligent Technology Packaging Equipment Exhibition was held from June 17th to June 27th, 2024 at the  Soonture Zhejiang Base in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province. This exhibition brings together customers from all over the country and even overseas to witness the latest technology and achievements of Songchuan in the field of intelligent packaging.
As a benchmark enterprise in the field of intelligent packaging and technology,  soonture focuses on innovation as its development core. At this exhibition, highlight packaging equipment from various industries will be showcased: packaging solutions for household paper&hygiene products, baked goods, snack food&pre made dishes, frozen food, hardware&daily necessities, healthcare, agricultural products&aquatic products, salt&chemical, unboxing&boxing&robotic arms, and other industries. Show the diversity and applicability of equipment, showcase successful applications in various industries, and customers can choose the best packaging solution according to their needs.


Household paper&sanitary products industry
We provide a backend folding system and a complete packaging solution for products such as toilet paper, roll paper, toilet paper, wet wipes, cotton soft wipes, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc.

sanitary products industry

Bakery industry
Provide a complete set of solutions for the processing system, bagging, palletizing, cartoning and packing of pastry, biscuit, rice fruit, Weihua bread, Sachima, quick-frozen and other foods.

Bakery industry

Hardware&Daily Necessities Industry
Provide material handling systems and packaging equipment for various products such as hardware accessories, daily necessities, stationery and toys, electronic products, and disposable items.

Daily Necessities Industry

Leisure food and pre made dishes industry
Provide full line packaging solutions for particles, powders, and liquid products, including metering, packaging, boxing, and palletizing. Suitable for industries such as snack food, pre made dishes, seasoning, etc.

Leisure food and pre made dishes industry

The frozen food industry
It provides molding, platting, palletizing, bagging, packing and stacking equipment for dumplings, Wonton, shaomai, steamed buns and other quick-frozen foods, which are used in various food processing enterprises, chain catering enterprises, stores, canteens, etc.

frozen food industry

The healthcare industry
We provide automated production lines for particle, powder, liquid and other materials such as medicine, health products, dairy products, medical supplies, etc., including strip measurement, packaging, boxing, and stacking.

healthcare industry

Agricultural and Aquatic Products Industry
Material management and packaging of various fresh vegetables and fruits, cutting and packaging of various preserved meat, laver and other products, and automatic high-speed shrimp peeler.

Aquatic Products Industry

Salt&Chemical Industry
Provide automated packaging solutions for the automatic batching, mixing, metering, packaging, boxing, stacking, and other forms of materials such as powders, particles, and fluids in the salt and chemical industries.

Chemical Industry

Unboxing&packing&robotic arm industry
We provide automated solutions for the processes of unboxing, boxing, sealing, and palletizing for robotic arms in various industries to meet the needs of large-scale production for enterprises.

robotic arm industry

The 2nd soonture Enterprise Intelligent Technology Packaging Equipment Exhibition showcased the cutting-edge technological charm and excellent equipment performance of multiple product and industry divisions under soonture, presenting a comprehensive display of packaging items covering various industries and production stages, as well as the entire intelligent equipment line, to guests attending the exhibition.
The successful holding of the soonture Enterprise Intelligent Technology Packaging Equipment Exhibition is inseparable from the trust and support of our customers and partners. In the future, soonture will continue to be empowered by innovation, providing customers with excellent and reliable high-quality products, and working together to create a better future.

Post time: Jun-28-2024

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