How efficiency of full servo control premade pouch packing machine?

Traditional manual packaging is slow? Low production efficiency? It need 4-6 people ti operate the packaging,and the labor cost is higher? Poor packaging quality? The average daily output is unstable? Single packing material?

Industry pain points are varied Full servo pre-made bag packing machine to solve all your packing issues.

  •  Easy to operate,and save labor cost
  • The package is beautiful and efficient
  • Today I’m going to take you to check it out Full pre-made bag packing machine


  • packaging machine


  • Tough appearance   exquisite design
  • Strong and simple appearance,modular design,flexible assembly and simple maintenance.the whole machine adopts stainless steel sandblasting.surface food-grade nano-treatment,anti fingerprint,anti oil.premade bag packing machine
  • Stong performance   efficient packaging
  • The whole machine adopts full servo system control,innovative mechanical structure design and transmission system,in high speed operation is still safe and reliable,strong and stable performance,durable.The whole packing is automatic,with self-checking function,can avoid empty package,missing package. The speed can reach 82 bag/min.


  • Various packaging   comprehensive function
  • All kinds of leisure food in life can be packed with pre-made bag machine,not only can pack partical powder,but also can pack liquid and sticky body! Such as potato chips、melon seeds、spices、laundry detergent、tomato sauce and proudct packing
  • The packing material is widely      packaging is smooth and beautiful
  • Flexible product replacement,can be packed within the range of 80-210 mm bag products,suitable for flat bag、independent bag、zipper bag、special-shaped bag、M bag and other bag packaging.It can reduce the damage of materials during transportation and storage.premade pouch typepacking machine parameter

Post time: Jul-16-2022

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