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The 29th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition Sino-Pack 2023 will be held in the Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Pavilion on March 2nd. Sino-Pack 2023 focuses on the field of FMCG and runs through the packaging industry chain. In this exhibition, Soontrue will carry explosive intelligent packaging machines and packaging solutions, focusing on the display of "intelligent, efficient, accurate" packaging machinery. To provide more professional customers with high quality products and services and advanced technical support. 

Soontrue Provide Complete Smart Packaging Solutions, First Packaging Machines, Outer Packaging Machines, Coding & Marking, Plastic Packaging Machines, Case Packing Machines, Smart Logistics Equipment and Systems, Flexible-Packaging Equipment and Machinery, Auxiliary Equipment of Packaging.

ZL200H vffs packing machine

Post time: Mar-02-2023

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