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The current epidemic, ensuring People's Daily supplies has become the focus of public concern.  Soontrue packaging equipment is to provide solutions for all kinds of packaging products and livelihoods, involving: salt rice, Baked snack food, frozen food, household paper, health supplies, medicine, dairy products and other industries, is closely related to people's life, the long days of lockdown, for industry production enterprises supplies security contribution strength.

Soontrue "smart manufacturing" is an "anti-epidemic" attack

The complex epidemic situation has led to a sharp rise in the demand for supplies.  From 2020, Soontrue  packaging machines will cover the whole industry, and this year, Sontrue packaging equipment will also be applied to the packaging of protective clothing, goggles and other anti-epidemic protective equipment.  With the help of automatic packaging equipment, the efficient production of protective equipment manufacturers has a qualitative leap.  We will achieve multiple growth of production capacity in the face of huge demand.  Since April, Soontrue has adopted automatic assembly line to produce related equipment to speed up the efficiency of the machine and speed up the battle against epidemic prevention and control!

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Post time: May-09-2022

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