Soontrue intelligent technology packaging equipment exhibition,gift to the 30th anniversary of Foshan Soonture Company,new products are coming heavily.

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The first session

Soontrue intelligent technology packaging equipment exhibition,gift to the 30th anniversary of Foshan Soontrue

Intelligent technology

Innovative product

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Foshan Soontrue machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.


01 exhibition overview

Soontrue packaging equipment has been developing for 30th years,in this era of rapid development of technology, Soontrue closely follow the development trend of Chinese and international science and technology,never forget the original intention,always practice intelligent packaging automation production line,and constantly pursue the application and development of intelligent equipment.From the first horizontal packaging machine research and development and market,specialized and innovative after 30 years,so far for many industries to provide packaging,load box,palletizing line automation solutions and multi-category intelligent packaging equipment.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Soontrue,Soontrue will hold a one-month exhibition of intelligent packaging equipmentm to present guests and friends who come to the exhibition,a full range of Soontrue intelligent packaging applications and typical application scenarios of technology and achievements in the past 30 years.Through this intelligent equipment exhibition,we will reward and thank new and old customers,dealers partners,help customers realize intelligent manufacturing,turn the “unmanned vision”of the intelligent factory into reality,and work together to develop and give back to the society.

Industry 4.0

Intelligent manipulator

Innovative manufacturing

Introduction to science and technology

Intelligent factory

Full servo


Digital technology

Multi- dimensional communication

Upgrading of industrial chain


02 Exhibition highlights

Summary of the latest successful cases in the field of packaging machinery,providing the best window into the next generation of information technology and industry.

Discuss the path and plan of the development of science and technology innovation industry,and show the professional platform of common development and win-win cooperation.

Look forward to the economic and social overview under the wave of digital economy,and looking forward to the innovation highland of the new generation of information technology.


03 Showcase area layout

Packaging project,salt chemical industry multi-lanes machine showcase area

Zhuguan machine showcase area

Bakery &doy bag filling machine showcase area

Fast-frozen machine showcase area

Tissue paper machine*sanitary products packaging machine showcase area

Carton erector& carton packing machine showcase area


04 highlight zone revealed

Intelligent packing equipment serial

new (2)

Servo serials bad-made packing machine

new (3)

Full servo vertical packing machine

new (4)

Robot intelligent sorting workstation

new (5)

Automatic wonton molding machine without back skin

new (6)

Intelligent one-piece imitation manual dumpling machine

new (7)

Mechanical arm servo carton erector

new (8)

Intelligent horizontal packing machine

new (9)

Bake food packaging , carton load  and palletizer solution

new (11)

Multi- row automatic packaging solution

new (12)

Life tissue& life pad products line solution

new (13)

Frozen product production packaging solution

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