ZL180 Vertical Packing Machine

Packing machine;20-100 bags/min     

The six advantages of inheritance originality quality are visible
Diversified packaging, wide use of products
It is suitable for automatic packaging of granular, strip, flake, block, ball, powder and other products.
Full servo motor control is highly intelligent
The whole machine adopts servo control system, high degree of automation, fast response, higher positioning accuracy, more stable operation
Fully automated packaging intelligent mode is more efficient
With metering configuration can automatically complete metering, bag making, blanking, counting, identification printing, automatic exhaust, sealing and cutting functions.

The details are carefully polished for you
Intelligent interface
Touch screen intelligent PLC control system, own fault alarm system, easy to operate
Auger scale
Accurate measurement, high weighing accuracy, fast speed, meet the requirements of a variety of measurement packaging, convenient and quick out of the formula
Film pulling mechanism
Film stable, accurate, high positioning accuracy with coding adjustment, color standard tracking adjustment with film recognition function
Horizontal sealing mechanism
Horizontal sealing servo system control, specially designed, fast packaging speed, sealing temperature constant temperature control, neat cut appearance


Post time: Oct-19-2021

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