Independent research and development of manipulator leading the industry

On the digitalization of products, Soontrue Machinery on the one hand in the equipment to increase the Internet of things, digital modules, on the one hand, more and more equipment to apply independent research and development and external cooperation of the mechanical arm.

Packaging is the last working procedure of a product production, and the material sorting link that arranges the products to be packaged for convenient packaging is the key to affect the packaging efficiency.Traditionally, food packaging is the use of artificial material, soontrue machinery independent research and development of two axis mechanical arm, and from last year began to take the lead in dumplings packaging machine and other industries into large-scale application.In terms of the more advanced three-axis manipulator, Soontrue Machinery has independently developed the palletizer manipulator while also cooperating with external suppliers to develop the manipulator for the material handling process from this year.

Compared with the digitalization of products, soontrue machinery factory digitalization is also rapidly advancing.The annual production target of 8,000 pillow packing machines was reached within three years, but the target was achieved in just one year due to the outbreak last year.Especially in the second half of last year, grinding and welding, two important processes that were difficult to automate in the industry, were also automated. Soontrue machinery also introduced a number of advanced CNC equipment.At present, soontrue machinery more than 60% of the process has been automated, for a comprehensive digital laid a good foundation


Post time: Nov-18-2021

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