newly launched flow wrapping machine

The new arrival advantage is outstanding
Three servo control simple operation and low maintenance cost
The whole machine is controlled by three servo, seven inch touch resistive screen, clear working status and stable performance, human-machine interaction Settings, easy operation, saving debugging time and reducing maintenance costs
High precision operation automation degree
Can store product parameters and formula with one key, automatically adjust bag length, no manual setting, high precision, digital input sealing and cutting position, precise non-cutting, stop position printing can be set arbitrarily.
Switching of various specifications
Diversified packaging forms
Optional knife sealing chain row, adapt to more heavy material packaging, without replacing parts, can be packed at the same time different specifications, different sizes of products, high induction power automatic feeding, accurate positioning, convenient and easy
Application scenarios Widely
 meet a variety of product packaging
For hardware, electrical appliances, switches, small commodities, daily chemicals and other industries product packaging can include wrench, screwdriver, switch, socket and so on

Post time: Oct-15-2021

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