The exhibition machines are sold out and the deals are continued. Foshan Songchuan Zhuguan has made a wonderful appearance at China International Bakery Exhibition!

The exhibition machine is sold out,and  the transaction is continuous.Soontrue bead crown is featured in the China international baking exhibition!

On September 19,the 24th China International baking exhibition was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. It showcased the latest industry trends and was a “weather vane” of the industry.

At the exhibition site,Soontrue made a heavy appearance with servo series such as intelligent horizontal packaging series,servo manipulator unpacking machine,full servo pre-made bag machine ,et.,showing Soontrue unswerving innovation ability and R&D strength in the field of bakery packaging,as soon as it was unveiled,it attracted much attention,and the on-site negotiation was in full swing.All the exhibited products were sold out on the day of the exhibition,and the good news of the transaction signing continued to come from the exhibition site!

Display of key machine


Sz-180 three servo intelligent pillow packaging machine

Post time: Oct-17-2022

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