Three servo horizontal packing machine

Three servo control +running stable +Highly intelligent

Adopt advanced servo drive mode

Machine without too much debugging, boot and use, simple structure, simple operation, high production efficiency.

High precision, precise position without cutting

Several advantages of a good product can be seen 

Three servo control system

The machine is controlled by three servos, intelligent super high, higher precision, more stable operation, simple mechanical structure, convenient debugging and ultra-low after-sales maintenance cost, seven inch screen display, clear running state, can expand more intelligent function.

horizontal packing machine-1

Length can be automatically adjusted without manual setting, automatic packaging, high efficiency.Intelligent digital display temperature control meter temperature control precision.Higher precision, digital input sealing and cutting position, make sealing and cutting more accurate, stop, printing position unlimited, can be set arbitrarily.

horizontal packing machine-2

Formula storage automated packaging

Can store a variety of product parameters and recipes, through recipes save, read and other operations to switch product specifications.No need to repeat Settings, download and use 

Automatic feeding, prevent empty bag, automatic film bonding, save time and cost, reduce the labor intensity of employees and improve the production efficiency.

horizontal packing machine-3

Wide range of use

This machine is suitable for packing medical instruments, moon cake, bread, biscuit, candy, medicine, daily necessities, hardware parts, carton or tray and other solid objects with specifications

horizontal packing machine-4

Post time: Aug-23-2021

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