With the rapid development of packing machinery industry in China, as a professional supplier devoted to the R&D, manufacture and service of packing machinery, Soontrue always tries to do better to continuously improve the product quality and service and return clients under the core values of innovation, Accuracy, Passion, Justice and Service as its motivity. It is over 25 years since the foundation of Soontrue in 1993. By going through hardships, Soontrue has experienced the evolution from small to big and weak to strong, which is along with the development of national packing machinery industry and supported by thousands of end users.

فعالیت اخیر

هر ژوئیه، این نمایشگاه PROPACK خواهد شد در شانگهای برگزار شد، این بهترین و حرفه ای نمایشگاه که نفوذ جهانی است، در حالی که Soontrue نقش کلیدی در این نمایشگاه همیشه نقش، ما را برای تلاش همه مردم Soontrue پرداخت در طول نمایش تشکر می کنم.

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