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Its suitable to pack snack, chips, popcorn, puffed food,dried fruits, cookies, biscuits,  cake, bread, instant noodles, candy, chocolate etc


Product Detail

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Model SZ-602W
Center distance 120mm
Package length 120-450mm
Package width 250mm (maximum)
Package height 120mm (maximum)
Film size 600mm
Package film type OPP、PVC、OPP/CPP、PT/PE、KOP/CPP
Type of power supply 220V 50HZ
General power 8.2kw
Weight 1500kg
Dimension 2140*1271*1588mm

Product Features

Main characteristics & Structure features

1. Intelligent English/Chinese touch screen, easy to operate
2. Metal detector, optional choice as per customer’s request
3. Air flushing device, special for some crispy products like cake, bread, potato chips, etc.
4. Double film loaders, to save time and labor cost to changing the packing film, improve working efficiency
5. Mid sealing brush, for products easy moving from mid sealing to next step, special
6. Auto centering film loader, to save time and labor cost for adjusting film position
7. Date printer, ink roll type, thermal transfer printing type, ribbon printing type for choosing

optional accessories

Date printer - Ink roll printer, thermal transfer printer, ribbon printing type for choosing.

snacks packaging1360

Multi Head Weigher: World-class machinery combine with fast and accurate weighing.

Industry 4.0 generation advanced control system. 3D menu monitor with smarter functions achieve easier and simpler operation. Multipurpose machine ideal for most of weighing applications

film loader
Film loader

Top mounted film loader, with optional double film loader, auto centering and auto splicing. Optimized component design realizing fast and stable packing speed.

Light Duty Metal Detector

- Excellent performance IP65 metal detector head, intelligent product learning algorithms, capable for metal detection of

diffcult product, various supporting devices such as quick belt release.

- Option of European and US standard output safety protection, conveying capacity, rejection modes.

snacks packaging2320
snacks packaging2321

Other optional item you can choose as below:
1. Labeling machine

2. Nitrogen generator
3. Check weigher
4. Deoxidizer sachet feeder
5. Seasoning sachet feeder
6. Multi-language interface
7. Visual Identity System
8. Gusset device
9. Anti-empty bag function

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