This equipment is widely used for automatic box packing of products in the food, daily chemical, medical and other industries. The equipment automatically completes a series of links such as automatic feeding, automatic box opening, automatic boxing, automatic glue spraying and sealing. The qualified rate of finished products is high, and the sealing is beautiful, which greatly improves efficiency for customers and reduces labor costs.

Product Detail

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model ZH200
Packing speed (box/min) 50-100
Model configuration Seven servo
(Forming box) Length (mm) 130-200
(Forming box) width (mm) 55-160
(Forming box) height (mm) 35-80
Carton quality requirements The box needs to be pre-folded, 250-350g/m2
Power type Three-phase four-wire AC 380V 50HZ
Motor power (kw) 4.9
Total power (including glue spraying machine) 9.5
Machine dimensions 4000*1400*1980
Compressed air Work pression( Mpa) 0.6-0.8
  Air consumption( L/min) 15
Machine net weight(kg)


Main characteristics & Structure features

1. The whole machine adopts 8 sets servo + 2 sets ordinary speed regulation drive, with independent control, feed detection, and glue spray detection functions;

2. The appearance of the machine adopts sheet metal structure, the design is smooth, beautiful and easy to operate;

3. The whole machine adopts motion controller, which is stable and reliable in operation;

4. The touch screen displays real-time running data, the formula is automatically memorized, the product storage function is switched, and the operation is convenient;

5. It can be compatible with a variety of paper boxes at the same time, and it is convenient to adjust;

6. You can choose auxiliary functions such as glue spraying, coding, and stencil printing;

7. Double servo feeding and pushing control, stable and accurate box packing;

8. Multiple safety protection measures, fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance;

There are two types of glue spraying equipment currently available for the box packing machine:

According to the quality and price requirements of different customers, our box packing machine can be equipped with two brands of glue spraying equipment, one is the domestic Mingtai glue spraying machine, and the another option is the Nordson glue spraying machine(America brand).

optional accessories

glue spraying machine
  Problue4 Problue7 Problue10
rubber cylinder volume  4 L 7L 10L
rubber cylinder capacity  3.9kg 6.8kg 9.7kg
Melt glue velocity   4.3 kg/hour 8.2 kg/hour 11kg/hour
Maximum melt velocity 14:1 pump, Maximum output 32.7kg/hour
Number of pipes/spray guns installed 2/4 2/4 2/4/6
Main machine size 547*469*322mm 609*469*322mm 613*505*344mm
Installation dimensions 648*502*369mm 711*564*369mm 714*656*390mm
Assembly floor size 381*249mm 381*249mm 381*249mm
Weight 43kg 44kg 45kg
Air pressure range 48-415kpa (10-60psi)
Air consumption 46L/min
Voltage standard AC200-240V Single phase 50/60HZ AC 240/400V Single phase 3H50/60HZ
Input/output signal 3 standard output   4 standard input
Filter area 71cm²
Ambient temperature range 0-50℃
Temperature setting range 40-230℃
Adhesive viscosity range 800-30000 cps
Maximum liquid pressure 8.7 MPA
All kinds of certification UL, CUL,GS,TUV,CE
Protection grade IP54

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