Its suitable for automatic peeling tail  on styles: round,  standard butterfly, gradual standard and completely peeled and deveined.

Product Detail

Video Information


Model HB-320
Water consumption 120L/H
Machine weight 230kg
Maximum capacity 70pcs shrimp/min
Shrimp peeling specification range 21/25 TO 61/70
Rated power 1.5kw
Water pressure 0.4MPA
Product size 930*1040*1300mm
Touch screen 7 inch/color IP65
Power supply 220V 50HZ

Main characteristics & Structure features

 1.Cantilevered mechanical structure, easy cleaning and maintenance.

2.Flexible production, adjustable by recipe, switch specification at 5 seconds.

3.Touch screen controlling, eliminate complex mechanical adjustment.

4.Remote control function

5. PLC touch screen operation, full servo motor power

6. The frame, cover and main parts are made of SUS304 stainless steel

7. Clamps and disc gears are made of tin bronze

8. To change the product in the production process, the formula can be changed only in the touch screen, which is simple and convenient to operate without complicated mechanical adjustment


optional accessories


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