Its suitable to packing facial mask, kn95 face mask, medical mask, disposable mask, tissue packing, daily supplies like hand towel, and gloves etc.

Product Detail

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Model SZ180 (Single Cutter) SZ180 (Double Cutter) SZ180 (Triple Cutter)
Bag Size: Length 120-500mm 60-350mm 45-100mm
Width 35-160mm 35-160mm 35-60mm
Height 5-60mm 5-60mm 5-30mm
Packing Speed 30-150bags/min 30-300bags/min 30-500bags/min
Film Width 90-400mm
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Total Power 5.0kW 6.5kW 5.8kW
Machine Weight 400kg
Machine Size 4000*930*1370mm

Main characteristics & Structure features

1. Compact machine structure with smaller footprint area.

2. Carbon steel or stainless steel machine frame with nice appearance.

3. Optimized component design realizing fast and stable packing speed.

4. Servo control system with higher accuracy and flexibility mechanical motion.

5. Different optional configurations and functions meeting different specific requirements.

6. High accuracy of color mark tracking function.

7. Easy to use HMI with memory function.

optional accessories

Air exhausting device

This is optional items. Mainly use to remove the air in the bag. To achieve better packing effect.


Film loader

Top mounted film loader, with optional double film loader, auto centering and auto splicing. Optimized component design realizing fast and stable packing speed.