Main characteristics & Structure features:

1. The servo control system is used for raising and lowering the horizontal sealing bar, which improves packing capacity, and enables easy change of the bag length by simply setting numeric data.

2. The weighing-table is controlled by servo motor, which a small synchronous adjustment can be performed by simply setting numeric data.

3. Product data memory function is used for simple operation. When changing product sizes, the bag length can be easily changed by setting product serial number.

4. Combined with finished products managing device, cartooning machine can form the complete production line.

5. Coordinated with many measuring and filling devices such as auger and volumetric cup filling device for accurate measurement.

Product Detail

Video Information


sl Scope:Suitable for fully automatic packing products in powderyor granular form with small measurement linearity bag.
      Model:    DL-S06
      Bagging size range:    L40-200mm
      Packing speed:    20-60 cut/min     (Based on the bag length and material characteristic)
      Power supply type:    1Ph.380V 50Hz
      Compressed air quantity:    6kg/cm2  600L/min
      Working noise:    ≤68db
      Max film width:    600mm
      Filling capacity:    0.5-50g based on granule
      Machine Width:    1620mm

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