It is suitable for automatic open the case or carton. put box into the storage box frame, press the start button, automatic storage box frame start to suction box, folding front cover, fold cover, automatic push bag device by the conveyor belt into the seal box once completed, without artificial participation. Can be use to whole production line from case erecting, case loading and case sealing.

Product Detail

Video Information


Case erector model YP-09
Speed 15≤18 cases/min
Case size L200-500 W 200-400 H 120-350mm
Size L 2460* W2080* H1492 mm
Height 600+50 (mm)
Power supply 200W
Gummed paper 48/60/75mm*900code/L OPP
Voltage 220V  50HZ

Main characteristics & Structure features

1. The machine structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain, widely used in all walks of life.

2. The standard model is carbon steel polished silver, can be customized according to customer requirements.

3.  Complete machine with manipulator high degree of automation, reduce manual

4. Low noise, smooth operation, no damage to carton

5. The tank house is designed as an inclined non-power tank house, with a maximum capacity of 75 boxes. Optionally, the power tank house (with a maximum capacity of 120 boxes) can be supplied at any time without stopping the machine.

6. Seamless butt joint can be achieved with front and rear end devices.

optional accessories

case erector processing
Motor Taibang
PLC Schneider
Touch screen Schneider
Cylinder、solenoid valve Airtac
Vaccum generator Qi li ke
AC contactor、middle relay、button switch、 air switch Schneider
Sucker Qi li ke
Bearing NSK
photoelectric sensor SICK

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