Food: seasoning soy, egg white, vegetable juice, jam, salad sauce, thick chilisauce, fish and meat stuffing, lotus-nut paste, sweetened bean paste and 0ther stuffing as well as drinks of large bulk. Non-food: oil, detergent, grease, industrial paste,etc.

Product Detail

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Model: GDR-100E
Packing speed 6-65 Bags/min
Bag size L120-360mm W90-210mm
Packing format Bags (flat bag, stand bag, zipper bag, hand bag, M bag etc irregular bags)
Power type  380V 50Hz
General power 3.5kw
Air consumption 5-7kg/cm²
Packing material Single layer PE, PE complex film etc
Machine weight 1000kg
Outside dimensions 2100mm*1280mm*1600mm

Main characteristics & Structure features

1 The whole machine is a ten-station structure, and its operation is controlled by PLC and large-screen touch screen, so it is easy and convenient to operate

2 Automatic fault tracking and alarm system, real-time display of operation status;

3 Mechanical empty bag tracking and detecting device can realize no bag opening, no blanking and no sealing;

4The main drive system adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation control and full CAM drive, with stable operation and low failure rate (the sealing adopts CAM drive, which will not lead to unqualified sealing due to unstable air pressure);

5 Replacement of product specifications with a key replacement, better improve work efficiency.

6The parts of the machine that come into contact with materials or packaging bags are processed with stainless steel or other materials that meet the requirements of food hygiene to ensure the hygiene and safety of food.

7With liquid mixing device, to prevent the precipitation of micro - particle materials, with liquid level control device.

8The whole machine design conforms to the national GMP standard and has passed the CE certification


optional accessories


Belt Conveyor

 This belt conveyor is a light belt conveyor, mainly used in grain, food, feed, tablets,plastic, chemical products, frozen food and other granular or small block products of the downhill transport.Belt conveyor has strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure and easy maintenance, can easily implement programmed control and automatic operation.The continuous or intermittent movement of the conveyor belt is used to transport the granular articles, with high speed, smooth operation and low noise.



●  Features

The machine can send the packed finished bag to after-package detecting device or packing platform. 

●  Specification

Lifting height 0.6m-0.8m
Lifting capacity 1 cmb/hour
Feeding speed 30mminute
Dimension 2110×340×500mm
Voltage 220V/45W

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