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Its suitable to pack bakery products like: Biscuits, Brownies, Cookies, Crackers, Croissants, Muffins, Cake, Cup cake, Bread, Bun, toaster pastries, Pancakes, Sandwiches, Wafer, Waffle packaging.

Bar products packaging like: Breakfast bars, Candy bars, Chocolate bars,Crisped rice bars, Energy bars, Nutrition bars
Noodle packaging like: Instant noodle and Rice noodle flow packing machine.
Packing Daily necessities like: Napkin tissue packing machine, Toilet paper packaging, Soap flow packing machine, Washing sponge packaging.
And It also can pack Product with tray

Product Detail

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Model SW60
Bag Size L 90-450mm
  W 35-160mm
  H 5-50mm
Packing Speed 30-120bags/min
Film Width 90-400mm
Total Power 6.3kW
Power Supply Single Phase, 220V, 50Hz
Machine Weight 700kg
Machine Size 4160*870*1400mm


SW-60 horizontal flow wrap machine is ideal for suppliers of products that must be packaged individually. Flow wrapping is a horizontal packaging process in which product enters the machinery and is wrapped in clear or printed film. The result is a tightly fitted flexible package with a horizontal back seal and end seal.



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