It is suitable for automatic packaging of granular strip, sheet, block, ball shape, powder and other products. Such as snack, chips, popcorn, puffed food,dried fruits, cookies, biscuits, candies, nuts, rice,beans, grains, sugar, salt, pet food, pasta, sunflower seeds, gummy candies, lollipop, Sesame.


Product Detail

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Model GDS100A
Packing speed 0-90 bags/min
Bag size L≤350mm W 80-210mm
Packing type Premade bag (flat bag, doypack, zipper bag, hand bag, M bag and other irregular bag)
Air consumption 6kg/cm² 0.4m³/min
Packing material Single PE, PE complex film, paper film and other complex film
Machine weight 700kg
Power supply 380V Total power: 8.5kw
Machine size 1950*1400*1520mm

Main characteristics & Structure features

zhe (2)

Servo machine

The man-machine interface adopts 10-inch large screen for centralized control, the interface can be rotated, the operation is more simple and convenient, and the product formula, action parameters and function switches can be quickly adjusted in the interface.

The motion controller control system and bus communication are used to control multiple servo electronic CAM curves, and the servo curves are soft and the reaction speed is sensitive, which can well realize the correlation and coordination between the movements of each component of the premade bag packing machine

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Servo machine

According to the characteristics of the product, the movement of each part of the device can be quickly adjusted in the man-machine interface. After adjustment and saving, it can be stored in the formula and invoked with one key.

Servo machine

According to the change of packaging speed, the parameters such as feeding bag and suction bag are automatically adjusted, without manual debugging, the machine can run stably

Servo machine

The torque output of each component can be monitored in real time, and the fault point can be quickly checked by automatic detection and alarm when the abnormal torque of the component is too large

Servo machine

The sealing stuffing material is automatically detected and identified by the torque output of the servo motor and then eliminated.

304 stainless steel machine body

stainless steel machine body

GDS100A Full servo premade bag is SUS304 stainless steel machine body, the surface of the machine is sprayed with anti-fingerprint paint after the treatment of scratches, so that the appearance of the machine shows the beauty of simple but not simple industrial design.

Full SUS304 stainless steel frame, so that the frame has a higher anti-corrosion performance, greatly extend the service life of the equipment, at the same time so that the equipment has a better cleaning

Automatic detection to avoid false packet

The packaging machine is equipped with automatic detection feedback, automatic fault tracking alarm system and real-time display of operation status.

The empty bag tracking detection device, if there is no bag or the bag is not opened, it will not drop material or seal .It not only saves packaging materials and raw materials but also prevents materials from falling off at will.

Automatic detection

Wide range of use

liquid, powder, granule

It is suitable for automatic of packaging liquid, powder, granule and other products.

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